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In Search of an Interview with Scoot McNairy


We got a chance to talk to the star of In Search of a Midnight Kiss and, now, Independent Spirit Award Winner Scoot McNairy about love and loss in Los Angeles.

Interview: Steve Coogan – Mighty Defender of Indie Film


The brilliant British actor took some time out from his hosting prep to talk to us about the world of indie film, his role at the Independent Spirit Awards, and a few details about his recurring role as a 3-inch tall figurine.

Exclusive: Tom Tykwer Goes International


Edward Douglas had a chance to sit down with Tom Tykwer, director of The International while he was in New York to talk about the movie for this exclusive interview found only on Film School Rejects.

Darren Aronofsky Pins Us Before Body Slamming Awards Season


“Ultimately, the film is about a guy who wants to be loved.”

Marisa Tomei Bundles Up and Strips Down to Tell Us About The Wrestler


Cole Abaius suppresses his longstanding crush just enough to be professional while speaking to the co-star of praise-magnet, The Wrestler

Exclusive: Michael Rapaport and The Directors of ‘Special’ Talk Superpowers and Cinematic Middle Fingers


Does it make you a pervert if you choose Invisibility over Flight? Yes. But it doesn’t keep you from making a great film.

Charlie Kaufman Depresses Us and Talks About ‘Synecdoche, NY’


Charlie Kaufman takes our minds through a tornado, discusses his new film, and teaches us that we’re all going to die.

Exclusive: The Director of ‘Let the Right One In’ Talks About His Fear of Blood Loss


We sat down (over the phone) with Tomas Alfredson, the director of the vampire coming-of-age film that’s getting incredible buzz and a limited release on October 24th.

Exclusive: Chuck Palahniuk Tells Us About Getting Filthy, Falling in Love, and Choke


Seven minutes into my conversation with Chuck Palahniuk, I’m still not sure that he exists.