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Sasha Grey: 15 Minutes With a Porn Star


We interviewed Sasha Grey for her role in The Girlfriend Experience, a role that’s causing people to shout her cultural importance from the rooftops. Is she changing the face of cinema, or are we celebrating too soon?

Interview: Rian Johnson Talks ‘The Brothers Bloom’


Film School Rejects chats with ‘The Brothers Bloom’ director about his love for con man stories, his unique stylistic vision and working with a cast full of famous people, on a big scale, in Eastern Europe.

Interview: Kevin Reynolds Looks Back at ‘Fandango’


Seasoned filmmaker Kevin Reynolds talks with us about the magic moments of filmmaking, advises aspiring filmmakers to be hobos for a while, and tries to unravel his dedication to Kevin Costner.

Exclusive: Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow Talk ‘The Hurt Locker’


Screenwriter Mark Boal and director Kathryn Bigelow share the methods they used to create an intense, heartfelt combat film. We talk camera angles, mistaken journalists, and cleaning the dust off after coming in from the desert.

Interview: Channing Tatum and Dito Montiel on ‘Fighting’


Channing Tatum and Dito Montiel talk about ‘Fighting,’ their second collaboration after ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints,’ and the big things in store for Tatum in 2009.

Exclusive Interview: The Director of ‘Anvil!’ Docs Our Faces Off


It’s a story about hope that all goes back to a life philosophy shared by the band members and director Sacha Gervasi: “The only way you can fail is if you give up.”

Exclusive: Jody Hill Wants You to Feel Bad About Laughing


In the fourth of four interviews with the stars and director of Observe and Report, Jody Hill talks about freedom within the studio system, his inspirations behind filmmaking, and considers seeking anger management.

Exclusive: Seth Rogen Laughs His Way Through ‘Observe and Report’


In the third of four interviews with the stars and director of Observe and Report, Seth Rogen talks about doing things differently in Hollywood, his favorite Sleepy Time Tea flavor and the progress of The Green Hornet.

Exclusive: Fall in Love with Anna Faris as She Pukes All Over You


In the second of four interviews with the stars and director of Observe and Report, Anna Faris waxes philosophic, shows her blonde roots, and discusses the freedom of playing a total bitch.