Category: Short Films

In a Post-‘Crazy Rich Asians’ World, Let’s Also Celebrate Homegrown Singaporean Cinema

Up-and-coming Singaporean filmmakers have their own vision of the country to share.

‘Joy In People’ Blends Documentary and Fiction to Examine Mob Mentality

By placing a fictional character in a soccer crowd, this short film takes a unique look at nationalism.

Get Trapped in a Room with ‘The Only People Who Have Seen Rob’s Penis’

Experience your most specific stress dream in this tender, funny short!

Jonathan Demme’s ‘Stop Making Sense’ Is Much More Than A Concert Film

Once in a Lifetime a film comes around that shatters genre conventions.

The ‘Futurama’-esque Space Delivery Absurdity of ‘JohnnyExpress’

Just when you thought Fry had a monopoly on sci-fi laziness. The wonders of space travel and the limitlessness of…

An Unfortunate Christmas Typo Created ‘Dear Satan’

We all make mistakes. Just not like this. When a kid accidentally addresses her Christmas letter to Satan instead of…

The Sweetness of Curiosity in ‘OK Google’

Our tech overlords can have cute relationships with children. The hand-drawn style of OK Google is a perfect emulation of…

‘My Father’s Tools’ Collects History and Practice

Indigenous traditions find archival protection in this doc. Oral traditions are often the focus of documentary capture, so a record…

‘A Very Loose History Of Skateboard Shapes’ Is As Exciting As Its Sport

Learning has never been so fun, fast, or animated. Focusing on one specific aspect of skateboard design isn’t the first…

Listen To Time’s People of the Year: ‘The Silence Breakers’

Likely the most important video essay of the year, looking forward to next. One of the main takeaways from the…