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Nicole Perlman on Directing ‘The Slows’ and Bravely Moving to Behind the Camera

The 'Captain Marvel' screenwriter explains why she finally faced her fears and decided to direct her passion project.

‘Burning’ Review: Lives, Like Love, Are So Easily Set Aflame (Fantastic Fest 2018)

Steven Yeun brings the full weight of his international star power to bear in this haunting South Korean revenge story.

‘The Boat’ Review: A Must-See Fight for Survival Against Extraordinary Odds (Fantastic Fest 2018)

'Duel' meets 'All Is Lost' as terror and tension carve a path across the open sea.

‘You Might Be the Killer’ Review: Sam and Chuck vs a Far Too Casual Evil (Fantastic Fest 2018)

There's a body count, but Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan save the day.

‘The Wind’ Review: In the American West, No One Can Hear You Scream (Fantastic Fest 2018)

Emma Tammi's feature film debut showcases the potential of the horror-western as a new mode of independent filmmaking.

‘Between Worlds’ Review: Come for the Cage, Stay for the Cage (Fantastic Fest 2018)

Nic Cage is back to making poor career decisions for our entertainment.

‘The Nightshifter’ Review: Revenge Has Consequences Beyond the Grave (Fantastic Fest 2018)

Talking to the dead is one thing, but pissing them off is a whole other level of bad news.