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A Day Spent With Killers, Lovers, and a Grim True Story From the World of Porn (Cinepocalypse)

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‘Belzebuth’ Review: No Child Is Safe When the Devil Comes Calling (Cinepocalypse)

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The Cannes 2019 Superlatives

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Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival is always a magical time of the year, and the first wave of announced titles for…

Pattinson and Dafoe Are Bewildering in ‘The Lighthouse’

Psychological horror in its finest, most mystical form.

‘Parasite’ Review: Bong Joon-ho’s Latest Is a Tragicomic Thrill Ride

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‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Review: This Is CĂ©line Sciamma’s Masterpiece

A film that invades your mind, body, and soul as the 18th century hypnotizes you into a romantic trance like…

Cannes 2019: Portrait of a Festival on Fire

The flames are burning on all sides.

25 Perfect Shots From the Past 25 Years of Cannes

The festival of master auteurs is a one-stop shop for perfect shots.