Eyes Wide Shut Nicole Kidman And Tom Cruise

Relishing Marital Trauma Both Real and Imaginary in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’


How We Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The One You’re With.

Red Helmet

Beyond The Infinite: Charting The Music of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’


The saga of the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece is a long one. So grab a cushion.

Blue Velvet Jeffrey Closet

‘Blue Velvet’ and the Blinding Light of Love


On trauma and sincerity in David Lynch’s 1986 film.

Toy Story

How ‘Toy Story’ Became the ‘Die Hard’ of Animated Movies


So much of Hollywood’s animated feature output of the last 24 years has followed the formula of Pixar’s first big movie.


The Quiet Terror of ‘Alien’


How sound (or lack of it) builds the sci-fi horror film’s seminal scares.

The Witch Anya Taylor Joy

The Devil is in the Details in Robert Eggers’ ‘The Witch’


Meshing historic milieu with fear of the female body, Eggers incites a horror spectacle with a contemporary reading.

Game Of Thrones Fan Art

The Creative Side of Fandom


Sure, toxic fandom is destructive, but let’s talk about the other side for a change.

Best Comedy Movies When Harry Met Sally

‘When Harry Met Sally’ Finds Humor in Partnership


After 30 years, Harry and Sally are the gold standard as far as rom-com duos are concerned. Their chemistry is a feat of collaboration, both onscreen and off.

Best Comedy Movies Groundhog Day

‘Groundhog Day’ and the Tragicomedy of Self-Hatred


The 1993 comedy classic teaches us how to live with ourselves, over and over and over again.