The ‘Midsommar’ Communal Scream and the Value of Feeling Held


Some inner demons can’t be exorcized alone. Try wailing in unison with some Swedish cult members.

The Babadook

How ‘The Babadook’ Inspired The Perfect Political Meme


In this low-budget psychological horror film, a fraught relationship between a mother and her son unexpectedly became the perfect metaphor for today’s political climate.

Pennywise Sewer IT 2017

Pennywise the Sewer-Lurking Clown and Why We Can’t Resist Him


Yes, he’s a creepy, murderous clown. Yes, I am climbing down into that sewer.

It's a Trap meme

“It’s a Trap!” at the Cross-Section of Memes, Parody, and Fandom Legacy


Admiral Ackbar’s claim to fame may have lasted a second on screen, but it’s become so much more.

Captain America Civil War V Tony Stark

Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and the Meme That Called Its Shot


Franchise memes reach far and wide, but no one reaches further than Marvel.

Ready Or Not in-laws

‘Ready or Not’ and the Exclusivity of Insufferable In-laws


Remember that one time your father-in-law asked you to play a game? This is more along the lines of what he had in mind.

Raw Garance Marillier

‘Raw’ and the Grisly Rituals of Growing Up


Through the artful presentation and deconstruction of implicit and explicit social mores, filmmaker Julia Ducournau forces us to confront the animal in all of us.

Buffy Polaroids Helpless

The Deadly Patriarchy of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: “Helpless”


A disturbing ritual, a brutal villain, and some harsh realities make “Helpless” one of the series’ most frightening episodes.