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North By Northwest Alfred HItchcock James Bond Cary Grant

‘North by Northwest’ is Basically a James Bond Movie as Directed by Alfred Hitchcock


“My name is Thornhill. Roger Thornhill! It’s never been anything else!”

Best Aquatic Horror Movies

10 Best Aquatic Creature Horrors (That Aren’t Sharks, Gators, or Crocs)


The best water-set horrors that aren’t the most well-known? Bring ’em on!

Spanish Language Horror Movies

10 Spooky Spanish-Language Horror Films


Todo el mundo tiene derecho a un buen susto – everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

Dune Gom Jabbar

‘Dune’ is a Big Enough Box Office Hit to Warrant a ‘Dune: Part Two’ Greenlight


The new movie gave Denis Villeneuve his biggest opening ever, and it has proven to be a great financial success for Warner Bros. as well.

Horror Lists Religious

10 Religious Horror Films About Catholicism and Beyond


In this list, religious horror isn’t just about God, the Devil, and a vial of holy water.

College Horror Movies List

10 Creepiest Crawls Through the Best College-Set Horror Movies


Yes, sir, may I please have another! Not so fast pledge; before you ditch mom and dad for college, you might want to examine these ten terrifying college-set films.

Maz Makhani The Guilty

How Maz Makhani Shot ‘The Guilty’ in 11 Days Without a Director on Set


We chatted with the cinematographer about the numerous improvisations required to complete this film under an accelerated schedule.

A Ghost Story David Lowery Long Take

David Lowery’s Guide to Interesting Long Takes


Sustained shots are best when they’re done for a specific reason. And yes, that includes confronting the inescapable march of time.