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Equilibrium gun fu

The Birth and the Rise of Gun-Fu


Does punching your gun forward make the bullet hit harder? Who cares, it looks cool.

Best Horror Movie Carnivals

10 Best Carnival Horror Movies


Grab a caramel apple, fry up a Snicker bars, and buckle in, these are the ten best carnival horror movies!

Buzz Lightyear Trailer

The Marvel-fication of Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear


And the worry that stirs. Do we need a heroic origin story for a toy that’s already found some resemblance of peace?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Filmographies

Celebrating the Powerful Versatility of Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Boasting a holistically rewarding line-up of projects for virtually every demographic, this actress succeeds in constant reinvention.

Memorable Movie Devils List

10 Most Memorable Movie Devils


Devils, like chocolate cookies, come in all manner of shapes and sizes.


Consider the Screenshot: Image-Capture and Our Relationship to Movies


Admit it: we all have a folder on our desktop containing a mountain of screengrabs.

Horror Lists Vincent Price Movies

10 Most Horrific Vincent Price Movies


110 years ago, a cinematic legend was born. No one before or since has occupied the same cultural space.

The Suicide Squad

43 Things We Learned from ‘The Suicide Squad’ Commentary with James Gunn


“Subverting expectations is what this movie is all about.”

The Uninvited 1944

The Original Ghostly Thrills of ‘The Uninvited’


Everyone loves a good ghost story. You have this film to thank for their popularity in cinema today.