Second Indiana Jones Trailer to Run This Week

Indiana Jones 4

If you follow the laws of conventional movie marketing wisdom, then you would agree that there is absolutely no reason for Paramount to be dropping a second trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull within weeks of releasing the first trailer. Of course, it appears that Paramount missed the memo on conventional movie marketing wisdom and while geeks and fans continue to chomp at the bit for another Dark Knight trailer, Indiana Jones will take to the internet once again — and hopefully he will bring his witty banter about being old.

According to a report from Reuters, not only will the trailer drop sometime this week, but it will be easily passed around from blog to blog thanks to a widget:

Paramount is counting on the small, portable applications that can be posted on blogs and social networks to maximize the exposure for its trailers. The first “Skull” trailer, released in February, has racked up millions of views.

And of course, one million views certainly isn’t enough when you are trying to dominate the summer box office. This continues Paramount’s dedication to marketing the right way online, which paid off big earlier this year with the release of Cloverfield. It is as if they are almost (and I stress the word almost) ready to admit that blogs do have an effect on the box office results. Besides, its isn’t as if there was a study or anything conducted by Nielson that showed how blogs have affected the box office. Oh wait, there was a study conducted by Nielson that showed how blogs can affect the box office results. Go figure, right?

As for Paramount and their future in widgets, they will also run a similar, but more complex promotion with the upcoming Mike Myers comedy The Love Guru:

Clearspring also is creating widgets for Paramount’s Mike Myers comedy “The Love Guru,” which will include exclusive viral videos of Myers in character. The widgets, which launched Monday, will live on Myers’ Guru Pitka MySpace page, where his character will blog about love advice, as well as on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites.

Every week Paramount will add a new viral video to the widget, for a total of eight to 10 videos. The widgets will include other exclusive content, including a “Love Guru” trailer, clips and behind-the-scenes footage.

And while it is nice to see the world of online movie marketing pushing forward, hell bent on catching up to Web 2.0 one of these days, I wish they could have picked a better movie than The Love Guru — ugh. Oh well, we will keep you posted on the Indiana Jones trailer situation, so stay tuned.

Source: Reuters