Junket Report: Seann William Scott, More Than a Role Model

Seann William Scott in Role Models

A little while back I had the immense pleasure at sitting at a small table with an equally small group of journalists to chat with actor Seann William Scott about his upcoming comedy Role Models.   This was my first meeting with Scott, who previously I had only known three things about:

  • He was Stiffler.
  • I liked his movies.
  • His name was actually three first names, though the first was misspelled.

Afterward, I now knew many more things, most notably:

  • He is incredibly smart.
  • He is incredibly good looking(and this comes from a very straight man).
  • He is perhaps the nicest man in Hollywood.

Now that I’ve completely exposed my ManCrush, we can get down to the business of Seann talking Role Models, a film which I thought was absolutely hilarious.  You can see my review here.  SWS plays “Wheeler,” an energy drink mascot with a foul mouth, a love of boobs, and a fondness for KISS, though surprisingly those things don’t make him a good candidate as a real role model.  Bearing some resemblance to his American Pie character Stiffler, when asked if he was worried about playing the same type of character again, Scott answered That’s why I did it, actually. He wanted to return to the kind of character that made him famous.

If there is one thing you quickly garner from sitting with Seann William, it’s that he is extremely grateful to his fans and those who elevated him to this position, a fact he repeated often.  His return to ballsier comedies is to say “thank you” to the audience that gave him his career.  He enjoyed seeing Vince Vaughn go back into “Swingers Mode” with Wedding Crashers and wanted to do the same with Role Models while just making people laugh and give them funny lines to quote with their friends.

On his co-stars, SWS was excited to get Paul Rudd as a partner in crime and described the youthful Bobb’e J. Thompson as “funnier than me and he’s smarter than me.”  And while not sharing many scenes with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, he none the less held him in high regard as an actor.  When asked if Mintz-Plasse’s McLovin character would be his typecast role, Scott talked about taking on these kinds of roles to give back to the fans and stay active in the business.  It’s a business at the end of the day, he said, and indicated that it’s good to do the things people like from you, a move that can also build your star power up to the point where you can take more chances with your career.

Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd in Role Models

Aside from Role Models, Seann William is looking at a few comedies, a genre he’s decided to stick with for his next film, despite loving other types of film, including foreign art house films and horror movies like Frank Darabont’s The Mist.  Currently, Scott is working on writing his first film, a mockumentary entitled Jack Pine Savages, which would follow a variety of Minnesotans during the Jack Pine Savage Days, where a frozen lake is over taken by ice shanties and fisherman angling for a big prize for various reasons.  At the risk of exposing this possible future project, Seann William indicated that he loved mockumentaries and while he was writing a role for himself, part of him was considering an attempt at passing the film off as a legitimate documentary.

The Nicest Guy In Hollywood was also working on a book, A Year to the Day, which is a personal project about the sorrowful passing away of his father one year to the day after receiving a cancer diagnosis.  Scott said it won’t be a Tuesdays With Morrie type story, but he “thinks it will be effective. […]  We can’t be so heavy hearted all the time.”  The non-fiction book is nearing the final stages of completion, after which Scott will be actively looking for a publisher.

Things are looking good for Seann William Scott as he sets his sights on regaining some momentum he self-admittedly lost after Mr. Woodcock and The Dukes of Hazzard, two movies that he describes the audience reaction to by sticking a finger into his mouth and pretending to blow his brains out.  But he’s really happy with the audience reaction to Role Models and is glad to keep working in smart R-Rated comedies that earn the ratings through means other than lazy, swear heavy dialog.  At the end of the day, there are a few more things I’m certain about when it comes to Seann William Scott:

  • He was uncomfortable wearing his KISS costume.  Or as he said it himself:  It was really just uncomfortable wearing those tight leather pants.
  • He’s every bit as hilarious as you’d think.
  • He’s got a bright future ahead of him.
  • He’s still the nicest guy in Hollywood.

What is your favorite Seann William Scott character?

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