Sean Connery Considers Kicking Daniel Craig’s Ass

Reports are coming in today that James Bond alum and uber-lothario Sir Sean Connery might be returning to the Bond franchise after a long hiatus to join the cast of Quantum of Solace.

Connery, who played the man who liked things shaken, not stirred in seven films up to 1983 revealed recently to My Weekly that not only was he interested in coming back to the franchise, but that he has already been in negotiations. As well, Connery said that while he wouldn’t be coming back as Bond (obviously), he wouldn’t mind coming back as the bad guy. This is what Connery had to say, exactly:

“I wouldn’t mind coming back as a Bond villain. But I don’t think they would pay me enough. They don’t pay the money for other parts, only for the Bond character, although that wasn’t the case when I was doing it.”

If I were director Marc Forster and the production team of Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, I would be finding some extra petty cash to get the number up to Mr. Connery’s level, as a Sean Connery villain could be just the ticket for die hard Bond fans. Personally, I could watch Sean Connery sit in a leather recliner and talk about his love for schnauzers for two hours and I would be entertained — but that is just me. Most people would be interested though, in Connery as a bad guy. He is, to say the least, an original badass mothaf&^ka. It would be nice to see him kicking the piss and vinegar out of Daniel Craig, ultimately fulfilling the strange fantasies of people like the ones who frequent sites like this one.

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