SDCC: Watch and Learn About the Final Season of Lost

By  · Published on July 27th, 2009

Warning, this article may contain spoilers from Season 5 of Lost. All of the season 6 details are non-spoilery or speculative, though.

For those of us who did not attend the Lost panel at Comic-Con this past weekend, two things are clear. One is that we missed one awesome show. The second is that we didn’t really need to be there, as the entire panel has ended up on YouTube for all to see.

But before we get into that, it is time to give you a little primer as to what we learned as we watched the events of the panel. According to showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, the sixth and final season will be a shift in a completely different direction. “The time travel season is over,” they explained. “The flashforward season is over. Season 6 is something different.”

During the panel they showed several faux advertisements, including one that shows Kate on America’s Most Wanted. Of course, as with everything Lost related, it’s all in the details. According to Adam Quigley’s report on /Film, the AMW report about Kate said that she intended to kill her stepfather, but accidentally killed a plumber named Ryan Milner by mistake. There was also an Oceanic Airlines commercial that touted that the airline had gone 30 years with a perfect safety record. Check out the Oceanic commercial below:

In addition to America’s Most Wanted and the Oceanic Commercial, they also showed the following commercial for Cluck’s Chicken, in which CEO Hugo “Hurley” Reyes talks about a recent trip he made to Australia. He also mentions that ever since he won the lottery, he’s had nothing but good luck. Check it out below.

Does this mean that Faraday’s plan worked and Flight 815 never crashed? Perhaps. The creative team also said that season 6 will see the return of several characters that we have not seen since season one (which we can only assume means that Claire will be coming back). However, they also mentioned that both Faraday (Jeremy Davies) and Juliette (Elizabeth Mitchell), two non-Flight 815 characters who are presumed dead, will be back in season 6.

Additionally, these faux advertisements also hint at changes in the universe that go beyond preventing the crash of Flight 815 on the island. Why would Hurley be having nothing but good luck? How did Kate not kill her stepfather? These two events occurred long before the plane crash. As with anything related to this show, we just don’t know where this could go – but we do know that this means something. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from 5 seasons of Lost, it is that nothing is done without some sort of reason. I will leave you to determine what, exactly, these faux ads mean.

Cuse and Lindelof also made mention of Richard Alpert, whose backstory will be explored in the final season. He is said to have a flashback in Season 6 that is described as being “very involved.” That leads me to believe that there is more of Richard in the final season, which is great because I’ve been wondering about that guy for a while – my “Richard is obviously an alien” theory doesn’t hold up so well anymore, but who knows.

As for the rest of the panel, I will let you watch that below. There is a really great interaction between Jorge Garcia, who plays Hugo, and Cuse/Lindelof (seen in the second video below). It just goes to show the true showmanship of the minds behind this show – everything is well-planned and in celebration of the show’s immense following. No matter how wild and crazy this show gets, these guys have always found a way to inspire trust in its audience – a trust that carries over into my belief that Season 6 is going to be awesome.

For more, check out the videos below.

Also notable and Lost related is a new ARG that ABC has launched in advance of the final season. It is a very in-depth new website called Lost University that is taking enrollment beginning September 22, 2009. You can check it out for yourself at and let us know what you find in the comment area below.

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