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Scream Factory’s “Summer of Fear” is Guaranteed to Thrill Horror Fans Everywhere

By  · Published on April 23rd, 2014

Scream Factory

My too frequent C-grade reviews of big summer tentpole films has me targeted as a film snob critic around these parts, but my movie-loving formative years were spent taking in all manner of genre films from horror & sci-fi to action & thrillers to straight up exploitation. If I had to pick just one genre though my heart belongs unapologetically to horror. It’s for this reason that Shout! Factory’s genre arm, Scream Factory, has quickly become on of my favorite release labels.

They do more than simply release horror movies though. The folks at Scream Factory lather their own love for the movies all over their releases, and that’s evident in the effort they put in and the affection they earn from fans. Not every title is a winner, but there’s very little I would change about them and the keepers far outweigh the occasional duds. (I do wish their titles featured spine numbers, but on the bright side their absence means I don’t have to keep a copy of Dead Souls.)

They have a habit of delivering a strong mix of beloved classics and lesser-known titles, often with new artwork and a bevy of extras. 2014 looks to be an incredibly big year for them, and while their fall releases (Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions, Pumpkinhead) have me salivating their recently announced “Summer of Fear” is equally as exciting. They have sixteen titles scheduled from May through August, and all but two of them are bloody finger blasts from the past guaranteed to leave horror fans gleefully satisfied.

Keep reading for a look at the titles in Scream Factory’s “Summer of Fear,” most of which are hitting Blu-ray for the very first time.





As with any label, Scream Factory’s summer slate is subject to change – they already had to temporarily postpone their planned release of Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers – but as of right now the above listing is good to go. Pre-order the films from Amazon and keep an eye here and at Scream Factory’s Facebook page for any updates.

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