Schwarzenegger About to Make a ‘Last Stand’ With Jee-Woon Kim

It looks like former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is very close to signing on to be in another action film, and all is right with the world. The movie is called Last Stand, and it’s the next film from I Saw the Devil and The Good, The Bad, The Weird director Jee-Woon Kim.

Last Stand will be Kim’s first English language film, and it’s being made from a script written by first time screenwriter Andrew Knauer. The news was first broke by Movie Web, who learned of it from a Polish distributor helping to finance the film, and it has now been confirmed by /Film, who say they have a source closer to the production.

The film is about the leader of a drug cartel who violently flees captivity in the United States, steals a car, and is running for the border in hopes of getting down into old Mexico. Schwarzenegger would play an aging sheriff who is in charge of a staff too inexperienced to properly handle such a crazy, violent situation. When talking to Coming Soon, Kim said of the film, “My concept for The Last Stand is that it’s kind of a combination of Die Hard and High Noon where (the latter) was about protecting something very important that needs to be protected, while Die Hard is a very drawn-out, long process that almost kills someone in the process, so my film will be something that has to be very well protected and in the process, we almost die protecting it in a way.” A grizzled Schwarzenegger starring in an action film made by a hyped Korean director who is comparing it to High Noon and Die Hard? I think my brain just melted from the sheer concentration of awesome. Does anybody know enough about Korean to tell me what’s going on with the director’s name though? I’ve seen it around the web as both Jee-woon Kim and Kim Ji-woon. I went with the one on IMDB.

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