Scenes We Love: A Superman Father & Son Moment


Editor’s Note: To celebrate Father’s Day, 114% of movie websites will be giving you a list of the best and worst cinematic fathers, the most fatherly moments, the best movies to watch with Dad on Father’s Day. This year, we’re keeping things simple by dedicating our recurring column Scenes We Love to a single scene (not coincidentally featuring this weekend’s biggest hero Superman) featuring a tender moment between father and son. Our J.L. Sosa recalls his favorite scene from 1977’s Superman: The Movie.

“And one thing I do know, son, and that is you are here for a reason.”

The one scene in 1977’s Superman: The Movie that has always resonated with me most comes as young Clark is grappling with an existential ache. An orphan from a dead planet, he feels like something of an outcast growing up in Smallville. He feels he cannot reveal the full extent of his abilities without being judged as “an oddball.”

His adopted dad, Jonathan, can empathize. But he encourages Clark to be patient. The day will come when his purpose will be revealed. He will shine brightly and change the world … someday. Like Hugo Cabret, another orphaned son whose gifts go long unrecognized, the young man named Clark Kent will discover his reason for being…