Sarah Silverman Goes Nude For ‘Waltz’

If this were a tabloid, the headline above would refer to a strange sex tape involving comedian Sarah Silverman and Christoph Waltz. However, being just slightly better than a tabloid, it refers to Silverman’s revelation that she’s done a nude scene for noted actor/director Sarah Polley (Away From Her).

The scene is for Take This Waltz, a dramedy that also features Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen in lead roles. We reported on the odd acting pairing back in January, and it looks like they’ll be joined on screen by full frontal Silverman, a reality that Silverman claims, “is going to be awful. It’s so not pretty.”

Silverman is known more for stand-up and for her television show, although she’s appeared in films like School of Rock. Still, it brings yet another strange dimension to an already interesting-sounding project. [Moviefone]

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