Sandra Bullock Hits Big as The Proposal Gets $34 Million


Well, it wasn’t exactly the biggest blockbuster of the summer but The Proposal did pretty well, all things considered, this weekend.

As for Sandra Bullock, this ends a long losing streak at the box office in one lame-o romantic comedy after another. In fact, it was the best opening of her career: the haul for The Proposal was somewhat better than expected with $34 million, well ahead of The Hangover which continues to roll right on with a haul of almost $27 million. Notably, The Hangover is now up to nearly $153 million in box office overall. Pretty good stuff.

Beyond that there were no surprises, as Year One came in fourth at $20 million. Not bad for a movie that pretty much everyone thought was absolutely terrible.

Overall, the strong showing of The Proposal and solid results for The Hangover and Year One meant that the box office overall actually went up 3 percent over last year at this same time. I guess people were really starved for entertainment this week, no matter what it was. I notice three of the top four movies were comedies, which tells you what people are looking for right now in terms of entertainment.

The damages:

  1. The Proposal – $34,114,000
  2. The Hangover – $26,855,000
  3. Up – $21,336,000
  4. Year One – $20,200,000
  5. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 – $11,300,000
  6. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – $7,300,000
  7. Star Trek – $4,700,000
  8. Land of the Lost – $3,976,000
  9. Imagine That – $3,100,000
  10. Terminator Salvation – $3,070,000

That’s really all I gotta say this week. Suffice it to say it was kind of a boring week at the box office again with nothing earth-shattering happening.

I will be back earlier than usual in time for the Wednesday release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, when I give my preview of how that movie will do. So far the tracking has been huge, and there are even some tracking people claiming the five-day opening could challenge The Dark Knight. Challenge the Dark Knight? Really? You know, this could be the usual movie hype, but we’ll see. Hope you had a good Father’s Day weekend, ans see you later this week at the Reject Report!

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