Samuel L. Jackson is Bringing ‘Afro Samurai’ to Live Action

Afro Samurai started off as a manga series written and illustrated by Takashi Okazaki. After garnering some fame and acclaim it then became an animated mini-series back in 2007. Then, in 2009, they made an Afro Samurai made-for-TV movie called Afro Samurai: Resurrection that was so well received it scooped up a couple of Emmys. Not bad for a little cartoon about a guy with an Afro avenging his father’s murder.

In it’s cartoon form, the lead character of Afro Samurai has been voiced by blustery badass Samuel L. Jackson, and now a press release has come out stating that Jackson and the newly formed distribution house The Indomina Group will be bringing the adventures of the big-haired one to the big screen, and in live action to boot. Jackson said of the venture, “This has been one of my very favorite properties ever since our amazing debut at Comic Con with the original series pilot out of Japan. I can’t wait to produce the epic feature film version with our new partners at The Indomina Group.”

Who is The Indomina Group you might ask? It seems to be a new Dominican based group that plans to produce and distribute genre stuff here in North America. They also have a sales division to deal with international distribution. CEO Jasbinder Singh Mann explained their first foray into feature films with Afro Samurai by saying, “When Indomina was launched, Afro Samurai was quickly identified as the perfect property for us to option and exploit through our vertical channels targeted to a fanboy audience. We never took our eyes off the property and are very pleased to not only have the opportunity now to make an extraordinary film, but to do it with Samuel L. Jackson, who is just as passionate about Afro Samurai as we are.”

The one thing they never address is if Jackson’s old ass is going to wrap the No. 1 Headband around his head and continue playing the lead character himself, or if he is just going to be serving in a producer’s role while a younger actor steps in. Despite the fact that he is in his 60s, I wouldn’t put it past a movie studio to try and capitalize on Jackson’s name value by putting him in the role of someone trying to avenge his father’s death, but the lack of mention leads me to believe that they’ll be looking for a new actor to carry on the tradition. Whichever direction they go in, it would probably be smart for them to start buying Afro wigs now.

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