Sam Raimi Says “Yes” to More Evil Dead

In a recent interview, genre-god and Spider-Man 3 disaster author Sam Raimi replied in the affirmative when asked if the likelihood of another installment of the Evil Dead franchise was likely.  He then proceeded to call the fanboys, who eat up the “limited edition” DVD releases like candy, each often owning more than one copy, “weirdoes” and described them a small but dedicated group.  His words exactly follow:

“For the few weirdoes that see the ‘Evil Dead’ movies – and it’s not a very big crowd if you ever look at those numbers, but they’re very dedicated,” he laughed. “I’d love to make another ‘Evil Dead’ picture.”

The stumbling blocks?  First and foremost, he’s awaiting financing to fall in place and he’d also have to work up a script with his writing partner brother, Ivan Raimi.  Sam also said that he was honored people still loved Evil Dead and liked the fact people dress up as Ash (Bruce Campbell) at places like Comic-Con, so I’m sure he called us “weirdoes” in the nicest way possible.

As a big fan of the Evil Dead films, I’d love to see a fourth film.  Though with the rumors that have been around for years now, about a relaunch or a re-imagining, I’m not certain we’d all be pleased.  Sam has also dangled this desire to give us another go-round with Ash, the snarky S-Mart employee for going on at least 6 years now.  So be happy Raimi wants to make a new Evil Dead, but don’t start waiting in line just yet.

Source:  MTV Movies Blog

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