Sally Hawkins Gets Happy-Go-Lucky About ‘Sex’

Sally Hawkins Joins 'We Want Sex'

Just the other day while watching The Full Monty, I was wondering why the world hadn’t announced the creation of this year’s version. Something cheeky and British, but American-y enough for people in The Colonies to relate to. Luckily, filmmakers were already five steps ahead of me, creating a film, casting Sally Hawkins from the incredibly Happy Go Lucky, and throwing the word ‘Sex’ in the title just for good measure.

Variety is reporting that Hawkins has signed on to star in the project, a comedy about a late 1960s strike at a car plant in which 850 women go on strike in response to sexual discrimination. Based on true events, apparently the strike is what broke a major barrier in putting equal pay on the radar for the British government.

Television and film writer Billy Ivory is set to write, and Simon Curtis is set to direct.

It was described by producer Stephen Woolley (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and about twenty other movies) as similar to Calendar Girls and Billy Elliot, so my dreams of seeing another slightly-dry-yet-somehow-raunchy Brit film about down-on-their-luck industrial workers is coming true! First they had to learn ballet, learn to strip, figure out how to make a geriatric nude calendar, and manufacture kinky boots, but now they’ve finally realize they can just protest and get invited for tea by the Prime Minister. Someone should have told them it was that simple! They’ve been cooking up madcap schemes this whole time.

What do you think? Will hilarity ensue? Aren’t you glad that completely solved that ‘equal pay’ issue way back in the 1960s so we don’t have to deal with it today?

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