‘S. Darko’ Lives…on DVD

We all loved Donnie Darko, except the people that didn’t, and we’ll probably be able to tell who’s who by the response to the fact that the sequel to the film has definitely come true and will actually be able to be seen by human eyeballs DVD-style.

io9 has lovingly reminded us that the film made its way into existence and will pop out on DVD on April 28th. It stars Daveigh Chase who somehow went from annoying little sister (and creepy Samara from The Ring) to absolute hottie.

So it seems obvious that those completely outraged by the news are huge fans of Donnie and those that are completely ambivalent are the ones that didn’t like the first.

As if this wasn’t completely underwhelming news, there’s also a teaser trailer for it that…appears not to have any new footage. At all. I’d suggest that they step up their advertising campaign if they hope to get anyone to even rent this thing:

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