Rush Hour 3 Trailer Hits the Web!

The question must be asked: Are you kidding? Another Rush Hour movie? Yes, more of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan and their buddy-cop routine. Aren’t we all just bleeding with excitement… And normally I would have enough faith in Director Brett Ratner, despite the fact that he killed the X-Men franchise, to say that this one could be a fresh, inventive take on this already popular series – then I saw the trailer. Take a look for yourself…

Click here to View the Trailer [Quicktime]

This one stinks of Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. Similar story lines and similar jokes, the only change being the fact that they are in Paris. Yawn. If you are a big Rush Hour fan I apologize, but this is one of those films that are made to dupe the public into shelling out $10 just to see the same, tired gags from yesteryear. I don’t buy it. was having some trouble with their trailers this morning, but if you’d like to see other sizes (including HD), click here.

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