Rupert Grint is Keepin’ It Gangsta in ‘Cherrybomb’

Rupert Grint in CherrybombListen here, Muggles, little Ron Weasley isn’t about to be pushed around any longer. In fact, he cares not that Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, let it all hang out in the Broadway show “Equus.” He is going to kick things up a notch — he’s takin’ it to the streets.

Yes, it appears that Rupert Grint, the freckly red head behind the Potterverse’s awkward sidekick, is headed for some rough and tough acting in his next two non-Hogwarts related roles. In the first film, Cherrybomb, he described his character as the softest form of badass possible. Here’s what he told MTV:

“Malachy isn’t a geek, he’s a bit of a thug, but he starts off as basically a good kid. He goes to work, he has a good relationship with his parents, but he’s got some bad influences, so he gets into a bit of trouble.”

That’s right — a thug who loves his parents and crumbles under the whim of peer pressure — very gritty. And as you can see from the image at the right, he is clearly trying to distance himself from the “Ron Weasley look,” which is, in fact, his normal look. Only time will tell how Grint deals with this newfound badassness — of course, the possibility of hookers, drugs and the occasional drunken run through a Los Angeles area Walgreens is customary, but we are told that he is more responsible than most Hollywood tough guys — in that he is British.

Cherrybomb will hit theater in 2009.

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