Rumor: Animated Anubis Tapestry Coming?

The Anubis Tapestry

In a rare occurrence, a rumor has began circulating around the web about a possible new animated feature from the Academy Award winning team of Blue Sky Studios. Blue Sky, a subsidiary of Fox, was the animation company behind Robots, Horton Hears a Who, and Ice Age. The rumored project is an adaptation of a Bruce Zick book entitled The Anubis Tapestry.

The book follows the adventures of a young boy who must become a mummy to rescue his father. What makes this project cook is the wonderful assortment of bad-ass monsters he is forced to deal with on his journey through the Underworld to Anubis’ chamber. Bruce Zick is the author and illustrator, and lots of his examples of art from the book are available and fantastic looking. Love it!

Why the rumor though? Recently Zick has been hired by Blue Sky Studios to help “develop future projects.” Sounds like maybe he would jump at the chance to develop his own? We could assume that this would be computer animated and closely follow Zick’s original art – count me on board for this when and if it comes around!

That’s the rumor.

Source: Slash Film

Added Value: Sample Chapters of The Anubis Tapestry

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