Ruben Fleischer and Danny McBride are Ready in ’30 Minutes or Less’

Danny McBride

Despite being rumored for every interesting project under the sun – including a potential directing job on Mission: Impossible IVZombieland director Ruben Fleischer seems to have found his next project. He will lead the production of 30 Minutes or Less, a comedy about a dimwitted pizza delivery guy who has to deal with an explosive situation being perpetrated by a pair of ruthless goons. According to a Production Weekly report, Fleischer is about ready to begin production, and should be shooting in Grand Rapids, Michigan sometime this summer. The only cast currently in the mix is Danny McBride, who has been long-rumored to be on the project.

Over at /Film, Hunter Stephenson mentions a bit about the script for 30 Minutes, one that comes from last year’s Black List and writers Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan. These two guys have also written the script for Jody Hill’s L.A.P.D.I, a cop comedy that is intended as a follow-up for Observe and Report. They are also scripting Comic Con, a movie that is exactly what you think it would be – about Comic-Con. According to Stephenson’s report, “they display a talent for biting political incorrectness, affected but not wholly unlikable white oafs, and a keen trigger for pops of violence and blood out of left field.” This all fits in quite well with both the sensibilities of McBride and Fleischer, both of whom have proven themselves apt competitors on the battlefield of irreverence.

For Fleischer, following up Zombieland with another potentially R-rated comedy makes sense, assuming that 30 Minutes has a similar energy to it. That’s what made his first go-round so enjoyable, the upbeat tempo of the story and the willingness to dangle the audience over a canyon of absurdity, then bring them back to the cliff’s edge, where action was waiting. Without knowing much else about 30 Minutes or Less, I’d say the potential is there.

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