‘Rounders’ Writers Snag DiCaprio for Online Poker Flick


Brian Koppelman and David Levien seem a bit obsessed with the gambling world. At least their writing past would point to being slightly more than interested – they wrote Rounders and Ocean’s Thirteen and are now setting their sights on fulfilling their script for a movie that looks at the Costa Rica-based online poker world. They pitched the project and sold it to Paramount with Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that DiCaprio producing partner (and partner at Appian Way) Jennifer Davisson Killoran will be producing the picture.

There’s no word yet on exactly what the script will look like – since it doesn’t exist quite yet – and I have no idea how to take a look at the world of online poker unless it’s a story that delves into the management of those sites. It might be a dull two hours to watch Leonardo DiCaprio point and click his way down the river.

Koppelman and Levien also wrote The Girlfriend Experience, which I don’t fully understand since that movie was almost entirely improvised.

What do you think?

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