Rose McGowan Still Clinging to Barbarella Role

Rose McGowan still Barbarella

Back in the fall the intern was all abuzz with scandal, intrigue and shenanigans surrounded Grindhouse babe Rose McGowan and Sin City director Robert Rodriguez. And no, I am not talking about all the sexy sleaze that could be found on the pages of, I am referring to the alleged casting of McGowan in the title role of Barbarella, making her the heir to the sultry space bimbo thrown left open so many years ago by Jane Fonda.

Back then, the McGowan as Barbarella thing was only a rumor, but Rodriguez was very outspoken of his “desire” to put Rose in the title role, rather than someone more poppy like Jessica Alba or Nicole Kidman. But since then there have been all sorts of problems for the production, including disagreements between Rodriguez and Universal Studios about the budget as well as continued talks about McGowan.

But all that should be put to rest, says the sultry temptress, because not only is she the one that will be filling the cosmic garter of Barbarella, but pre-production itself is already underway. At least, that is what she told MTV recently. “Half of the sets have been built. The costumes are done,” the actress confessed, adding with a laugh that she’s “even got my spaceships. I’ve got part of a spaceship built for me!”

Well isn’t that swell, she’s already got her own spaceship. Yet, even though McGowan’s spaceship is ready for flight, the production is still wobbling in the shadow of the potential SAG strike. “It’s a longer shoot,” she told MTV, hinting at the fact that things may not even get underway until after the actors have gotten through their beef with the studios.

So as you can see, its clear that Rose is still the gal for Robert Rodriguez’ remake of the 1968 classic, the only question now is how soon it may or may not happen. As well, I am still wondering why they are remaking this movie in the first place. Oh right, Rose McGowan slutting it up in skimpy space gear… As long as they bring back that crazy cosmic sex bubble, I am in.

Sound Off: What about you? Are you in for a Rose McGowan-centric Barbarella remake?