Roland Emmerich and Best Buy Want To Give You $10,000

It seems that the folks over at Warner Brothers are looking for some creative videos about their newest flick 10,000 B.C.. If you can make the best 10,000 B.C. related youtube video, director Roland Emmerich will make you a winner of a $10,000 Best Buy shopping spree. Once you have your video posted on youtube just go to to enter. Here, your ‘A day in the life of 10,000 B.C.‘ video will be judged, and possibly win you $10,000.

I’m pretty excited for 10,000 B.C.. Roland Emmerich has always made fun, visually arresting blockbusters that never disappoint. We also had a chance to check out the animals in their first stages of development, so it is pretty cool to see what the film has become. Be sure to check the movie out on March, 7.

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