Mike Myers as Keith Moon? Rock and Roll, Baby!

Mike Myers to play Keith Moon

To many of you, Mike Myers seems trapped in acting Hell, rehashing the same character. The Love Guru is basically Austin Powers with a turban and a motorized cushion. Reading his IMDB filmography reveals not one but two upcoming Shrek sequels (which we’ve told you about already). But one movie hints at the Canuck’s desire for more serious movies. See Mee Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked for Your Pleasure looks like a perfect combination of comedy and drama. And yeah, we know this may be old news to some, but we are excited, so deal with it.

Coming out in 2009, See Me, Feel Me: will be a biography about Keith Moon, legendary drummer for the rock band, The Who. He died in 1978 at age 32. Rumor has it he could drum as fast as a submachine gun. A prankster, Moon’s antics got him in trouble onstage and off. On the merry drunk’s short list of dirty deeds: Getting the band banned from the Holiday Inn and driving a couple of cars into swimming pools.

You might ask why isn’t Jason Schwartzmann playing Moon? True, he played Beatles drummer Ringo Starr in Walk Hard. He looks like Moon, but I think his delivery is too deadpan to play the hyperactive Moon. Myers is a fan of The Goon Show, the predecessor to Monty Python. That maniacal style works in his favor. Moon often visited friends dressed as Adolf Hitler. Myers also has the band’s blessing. Lead singer Roger Daltrey is producing the movie and picked Myers.

Hopefully, See Me Feel Me will be comparable to Jim Carrey’s turn as Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon. We’ll have to wait for a trailer to find out. For now the movie’s just an entry on IMDB.com. Trust me, with Who Guitarist Pete Townsend (CSI, American Beauty) doing the soundtrack the music will rock.

Can Myers pull off the human side of Moon? I think so.

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