RoboCop Remake Due in 2010, This Poster Proves It

Robocop reboot poster

We have reported a few times now on the fact that MGM is looking to bring back the RoboCop franchise with a remake/reboot of some sort, but we didn’t have a whole lot of hard evidence to prove it, save for all the chatter from inside the studio. Well thanks to an awesome set of photos from a random internet dude named ‘Ray’ and his trip to the 2008 Licensing Expo, we have a little hard evidence. The photo above is just a promotional photo, but still — RoboCop. 2010. ’nuff said. I’m excited.

Also potentially exciting — and at the same time, incredibly not exciting — are the photos below from displays for both Paramount’s GI Joe and WB’s Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins:

For more, check out Ray’s photo gallery at Coppermine.

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