Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man 2, The Dark Knight and Colin Farrell

Robert Downey Jr.When you sit down with Robert Downey Jr these days (like I do, all the time) no matter what the reason for being there, there are a few things you can’t help but think about – how funny and earnest he is and how awesome Iron Man 2 is going to be. Despite being there for Tropic Thunder, conversation at the table with Downey and our journalistic peers quickly veered into comic country.

Regarding the tin-man sequel, Downey quickly indicated that he and Favreau were both very involved with coming up with the story alongside newly announced scribe Justin Theroux. On the original Iron Man, Downey indicated that he and Favreau received a script and then began work within that world. This go around, both men will have their input into the very earliest stages of conceptualization. Good news to us, I think, considering how hilarious and charming Downey can be – a real life Tony Stark.

As for what to expect, Downey promised to keep the movie faithful to the tone of the original and that it will be “appropriately well thought out so that we don’t forget what got us the response that we appreciated so much.” He described the original as a pretty simple story and said that the sequel wouldn’t be going to great lengths to trick the audience or lead them on a twisting topsy-turvy type road.

In contrast to that approach, he said of The Dark Knight:

I saw The Dark Knight, I feel like I’m dumb because I don’t get how many things [are going on]…. I clearly need a college degree to understand this.

He further likened the Batman sequel to a “Ferrari engine of story telling.” For you non-gear heads, a Ferrari engine is a very complex machine. A few seconds later when probed about his feelings on the Christopher Nolan film, he responded with the now, in my mind, immortal line: Well you know what, fuck DC Comics. He then clarified that he’s a fan of Marvel.

Now that may seem a bit prickish, but it was all in good fun. Everyone laughed at the table, including Downey himself, who then chuckled about burning bridges and expressed his affinity for the line “I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.” In no way, either, should Downey’s comments be read to express some ill-feeling towards the Batman franchise or its stars – he expressed great appreciation (thought it was fantastic) over the Nolan, Bale, Caine reunion flick The Prestige. He just felt that The Dark Knight was a bit high-brow, a bit intellectual, and while those aren’t necessarily bad things, he didn’t want Iron Man to go that route, which I can appreciate.

When it comes to the Iron Man sequel, it seems to be in good hands with the clever, charming, and world-wise Robert Downey Jr. In a short little tidbit, Downey expressed an interest in working with another cinematic bad boy, Colin Farrell. He felt that they would have great on-screen chemistry similar to himself and Val Kilmer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Count me in!

Tropic Thunder Opens on August 13th.

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