Robert Downey Jr. a Swashbuckling Sherlock Holmes?

It is amazing the amount of details that you miss when you are skimming through thousands of movie news items on a daily basis, searching the ones that will tickle the interests of the legions (all 12 of you) of FSR readers. A few days ago I reported about the fact that Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. is currently knee deep in potential roles, one of which being the title role of Sherlock Holmes in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming adaptation, set for a 2010 release.

What I missed was the fact that this Holmes adaptation is not going to be based on the Arthur Conan Doyle version of the sleuth, but on the upcoming comic book by Lionel Wigram. As Cinematical’s Elisabeth Rappe reported earlier in the week, while Warner Bros. has been very tight-lipped as to the details of the plot, they are aiming to “reinvent” Holmes and his sidekick, Dr. Watson, and give them a more “adventuresome” storyline. The story, which is currently being rewritten by Guy Ritchie, will focus on Holmes’ skills as a boxer and a swordsman. Think of him as the British version of Indiana Jones — just with a sword and a pipe.

As for Downey, this makes the prospect of such a role that much more interesting. In fact, I will be thoroughly lashing myself with my foam Indiana Jones whip later for not picking up on this before. A swashbuckling, boxing, gritty badass Victorian era detective — now that sounds like fun. Additionally, that Guy Ritchie has always had a great visual style, leading me to believe that this version of Holmes, if cast properly and given a solid story, could be something to behold. Then again, we shall see — making a good adventure film isn’t as “elementary” as it may look. Just ask George Lucas.

Sound Off: What do you think of the swashbuckling Sherlock Holmes angle? Also, does that Downey fit better into the role or not fit as well?

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