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Rob Zombie Unleashes the Teats of Satan for ‘Salem’

By  · Published on June 1st, 2011

“What the f**k is Wayne Toth working on now? More nasty business for Lords. And to answer your questions… YES! There will be a lot of tits in the film as seen in the pics below.”

That’s Rob Zombie, teasing more of Wayne Toth’s work for all the special effects geeks and for fans of movie magic in general. Toth is building a lot of creature effects for the satanic Lords of Salem, and the most recently revealed by Zombie’s blog (via the ever-vigilent Fangoria) is a full frontal shot of the many nipples blotching the torso of something wicked. Something wicked that definitely hasn’t been using the ab roller she bought last year.

For when you need to breast feed on battery acid.

What do you think?

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