Rob Lowe’s Latest ‘Sex Tape’ Will Be Funnier Than the First

Rob Lowe’s Latest ‘Sex Tape’ Will Be Funnier Than the First


Now that Rob Lowe has broken the world’s hearts by announcing that he’s going to soon be stepping away from his regular role on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, he’s going to have to work awful hard to make up for the disappointment he’s made us all feel. In particular, he’s going to have to make up for it by taking lots of movie roles, and preferably in comedies, so he can continue to exercise that bulging laugh-making muscle he proved to us he had with his sitcom work.

The good news on that front is that Lowe has already signed up for a post-Parks comedy. According to Deadline, art is going to imitate an unfortunate incident from the early part of Lowe’s life in the spotlight, as he’s agreed to appear in the new comedy from director Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard, Bad Teacher), Sex Tape.

Sex Tape will see Kasdan’s leads from Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal, playing a husband and wife duo who try to spice up their sex lives by taping themselves making the beast with two backs, but who then find themselves in a panic when they discover that said tape has gone missing. According to Deadline’s report, Lowe will be playing the high strung CEO of a publicly traded toy company, who for some reason inadvertently acquires the couple’s tape, which then requires them to steal it back from him.

That’s kind of a random character description that doesn’t shine much of a light on what exactly this story is going to be about. Why the head of a toy company? And why would he be the one to get their tape? Is Segal’s character a whimsical toy designer who’s trying to get a job with his company, so he needs to break into the office and get the tape before it gets watched or something? If that’s the case, it’s kind of disappointing that a comedy with A-list actors is doing rote sitcom plots in 2013, but it’s hard to get too upset about things when we’ve already gotten the promise that Lowe’s character is going to be “high strung.” As his work playing the manic Chris character on Parks has shown us, playing high strung is literally right in his comedy wheelhouse.

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