Teresa Palmer Joins (Awesome) Transformers 2 Cast

Teresa Palmer to Join Transformers 2 Cast

In news that should excite the inappropriate part of you that likes Michael Bay and gorgeous Australian women, Teresa Palmer – who was cast as Talia Al Ghul in the doomed Justice League: Mortal – has signed on for the (Awesome) Transformers sequel.

The Courier Mail has a quick blurb featuring the news that also mentions the rising star will play alongside Adam Sandler in the new movie Bedtime Stories.

The real news is that the piece calls (Awesome) Transformers director Michael (Awesome) Bay an “auteur director”. Flame on, but aren’t we playing a little fast and loose with the term, The Courier Mail? While I will abide by the new law stating that the word ‘Awesome’ must precede any mention of the director and/or his works, I fail to see the poetic nature of his constantly blowing things up and having shape-shifting, giant robots break mom and dad’s backyard fountain.

Maybe I’m missing something.

However, The Awesome One has certainly displayed some level of genius in casting Palmer who could very well become the next big thing after dropping the Justice League albatross from her neck. At any rate, it’s a piece of really cool casting news for a movie that will dominate the Summer of 2009.

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