Ridley Scott's Robin Hood Cast Complete, Ready to Begin

Ridley Scott’s untitled Robin Hood film has started shooting with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett taking on the roles of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. This is the fifth collaboration between Crowe and Scott.

The film follows the adventures of a mercenary turned champion of the inhabitants of Nottingham, a town under the thumb of its corrupt Sheriff. It’s not just the desire to do what’s right that motivates this Robin Hood but his attraction to Maid Marion.  He and his band of men rob from the rich to save the poor so he can impress Marion. But, their adventures go beyond saving Nottingham to fighting for the survival of England.

Crowe and Blanchett are joined by the incomparable Vanessa Redgrave as Eleanor of Aquitaine. Oscar Isaac, Che, is King John. Mark Strong, RockNRolla, takes on the role of Sir Godfrey one of King John’s henchman. Lea Seydoux, Inglourious Basterds, is Isabella who will become Queen.  Scott Grimes, “ER”, is Welshman Will Scarlett, Kevin Durand, 3:10 to Yuma, is Scotsman Little John. A new face, Alan Doyle will play the troubadour, Irishman Allan Adayle.

The  film is scripted by Ethan Reigg and Cyrus Voris, “Sleeper Cell”, along with Oscar winner Brian Helgeland, L.A. Confidential. He’s not the only Oscar winner on hand. There’s of course Redgrave, Crowe and Blanchett as well as Oscar winning film editor Pietro Scalia, Black Hawk Down and Oscar winner Janty Yates to design the costumes. The cinematographer is John Mathieson, Gladiator and Arthur Max is production designer.  Charles Schlissel, Flightplan, is the executive producer.

Universal and Imagine Entertainment have announced the beginning of principal photography so this Robin Hood is on his way to the big screen.

Out of the approximately seventy five filmed versions of the Robin Hood tale does anyone out there have a favorite? Men in Tights? Prince of Thieves? Is Errol Flynn the Man when it comes to Robin Hood?  There’s Kevin Costner, Patrick Bergin, Douglas Fairbanks, to name a handful. Personally, I think Crowe’s going to do just fine.

Is he your idea of Robin Hood?

Source: InContention

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