Ridley Scott is The Kind One

Ridley Scott

Well not really, he’s not in the movie. But Ridley Scott is confirmed to be producing The Kind One for Warner Brothers, and some sources say he’s also taken on the directing chair, which would make sense. The movie will be written for the screen by the same man who wrote the original book, Tom Epperson. New ‘it boy’ Casey Affleck is set to star as an amnesiac working for a mobster dubbed “The Kind One.” We’ll see how kind this 1930’s noir boss ends up being after Affleck falls for his lady.

“It’s a world that Ridley has never touched before, so that’s what drew him to the project,” said Scott Daly, who worked with Affleck on The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

This sounds like a kind of interesting deal. Ridley is obviously awesome and Casey A. is definitely rocking and rolling aaaaaaaand I love noir stories, but an amnesiac? Feels like a tired angle. Hopefully it will be fresh, brutal, and full of epic awesomeness.

Source: Variety