Rian Johnson Talks About His Next Film, Looper

Director Rian JohnsonI think it was when I saw a drug dealer driving a car at 100 miles-per-hour in the middle of a deserted parking lot at a bruised and bloody teenage detective who won’t back down that I first realized how great writer-director Rian Johnson was. The scene described in that run-on sentence belongs to the 2006 film Brick. Brick, in case you missed it, is essentially a Dashiell Hammett story set in high school, an idea that is, at the same time, simple and brilliant. Even after the spectacular year for film that was 2007, Brick remains on the list of my favorite movies of all time. Rent it.

Since Brick, Rian Johnson has been shooting, editing and peddling The Brothers Bloom, a film set to come out in late October. Despite his presumably busy schedule, he took some time to tell IGN about his next project: A science-fiction film titled Looper.

“It’s sci-fi, but it’s very much — well, I think people toss out Philip Dick sci-fi when they mean ‘small, dark’ sci-fi. Although, when I think of Philip Dick’s books, it’s something very different. I think people are confusing it with the movie Blade Runner.”

Along with Philip K. Dick, Johnson cited Terminator as a precursor to the film: “It’s very sci-fi, but it’s very character-based and very concentrated… It’s like the first Terminator in that time travel is involved with it, but only as a plot device.” Johnson went on to say that the film would be “really violent and dark.”

I’m really fired up about Rian Johnson’s career: he seems to be a very versatile filmmaker. I know, I know—one great film does not a great director make, and usually I’d agree with you– whoever you are– but for now I’m just going to highly anticipate The Brothers Bloom (a con-artist-caper flick) and salivate over the potential greatness of Looper.

For more, check out the recently released Brothers Bloom trailer.

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