‘Rewind This!’ Trailer Worships at the Altar of VHS

Rewind This! Movie

By all accounts, VHS will probably end up being the vinyl of the movie world.

It wasn’t just a new way to watch movies, it was a revolutionary tool that profoundly changed the game. Major studios hated home video (and now rely on DVD/Blu-ray sales…), audiences relished discovering crazy stuff that had previously been out of reach, and the ease of it all was as simple as picking from a shelf-full of goodies. And a lot of crap. But if you picked something terrible, you’d usually just mock it with friends.

So not a lot has changed since then.

Except that VHS lives on only in the hearts of a smaller audience than it used to command. Fortunately, the folks at IPF Productions and everyone who contributed to their KickStarter campaign have made a celebration of the format that delivered movies to our homes. Rewind This! is playing at SXSW in March, and they’ve released a new trailer that’s an orgy of VHS-love:

Full disclosure: I’m friends with documentary subjects Zack Carlson and Drew McWeeny (who is totally wrong about Indiana Jones sequels…) and maybe a few more, but I’ve only seen the trailer, so who knows.

There’s no doubt that this homegrown fan explosion will see a warm welcome in Austin. We’ll be there covering SXSW like an unsightly boil, and this is definitely on the list. Hopefully it’ll be as fun, irreverent and educational as the trailer makes it out to be.

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