Required Reading: The Best of Tribeca and The Civilizing Power of Cinema

By  · Published on April 29th, 2014

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“What to watch for, and what to hope for, after Tribeca 2014” – Tasha Robinson at The Dissolve offers some names to keep on your radar, some names to cross your fingers for, and some names to tightly cross your fingers for.

“The Best Documentaries of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival” – Daniel Walber highlights some doc favorites over at Nonfics, including highly complex stories about living in America, a transgender community in Puerto Rico and an enigmatic art forger who isn’t breaking the law.

“Ebertfest Embodies Civilizing Power of Cinema” – Brian Tallerico at searches for a moral purpose for film festivals, specifically the one bearing Ebert’s name.

“Don’t Complain About Last Night’s Episode of Game of Thrones…You Asked For It” – Joanna Robinson at Vanity Fair deftly illustrates how recent developments on the show answer problems that fans have had for a while, and yet fans are still irritated. Which is part of the point – the show is peerless in aggravating the very people who refuse to stop watching. To wit: everyone demanding moral retribution for the awkward act from a few week’s ago. No matter how amoral this show gets, it’s like some people don’t understand how that world works. Or maybe hope is just too strong.

“The Other Woman: Progress or predicament for female-driven film?” – Oliver Gettell at The LA Times answers his own unanswerable question, wringing hands over what one terrible movie does to popularly represent possibilities. Meanwhile, it is pretty damned surprising that a movie starring this many women doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test. Say what you will about the test’s limitations or flaws, but wow, seriously? They don’t talk about sandwiches for a while or anything?

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