Required Reading: That Strange Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch and Kubrickian Problems

By  · Published on May 6th, 2014


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“The Most Bizarre SNL Sketch of the Season was Cut From Andrew Garfield’s Show” – Mike Ryan at ScreenCrush writhes in his seat trying to figure out how he feels about a comedy sketch with sexual harassment and ’90s Saturday morning sitcom style. Is anyone else suddenly hungry for chicken wings?

“Orson Welles’s Too Much Johnson: the moment he fell in love with cinema” – Jordan Riefe at The Guardian profiles the recently rediscovered 1938 take on silent era film techniques, and the obsession of its creator.

“Under the Skin and the Problem with the Adjective ‘Kubrickian’” – Vadim Rizov at Filmmaker Magazine reminds all of us that boiling down a director’s ideas, styles, preoccupations, limitations, and etc. to a single focal point is dangerous not only for the way we think about that filmmaker, but for the way we think about those who get the label. He has a strong definition for it, but I guess I always thought we said “Kubrickian” when we couldn’t say “really fucking weird.”

“Things Crashing Into Other Things: Or, My Superhero Movie Problem” – Matt Zoller Seitz at tacks to monotony and the disorientation of impersonal dramatic scenes capped by bland action sequences to explain the tedium that’s destroying superhero movies. Can’t we have a little more chaos?

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