Required Reading: Teen Sex Comedies Rising and ‘What Now?’

By  · Published on August 11th, 2014


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“The Inbetweeners 2 and the teen sex comedy renaissance” – Robbie Collin at the Telegraph connects a new franchise success to the beach bunny party flicks of the 60s while watching the ebbs and flows of young people trying to fuck on film.

“Nietzsche’s 10 rules for writers” – Brain Pickings checks out some style tips from a mad philosopher with an amazing mustache.

“A Life Less Ordinary: The Films of Joaquim Pinto” – Max Nelson at Film Comment explores the religion and nature of a filmmaker reflecting on two decades with HIV.

“His first two films as a director must have made for a jarring contrast with the formally radical high-modernist movies he was making at the time with Oliveira and Ruiz. Tall Stories (88) and Where the Sun Beats (89) are tough, compassionate, oddly muted melodramas set in thinly populated coastal towns. In each film, a handsome, sexually polymorphous male adolescent – Tall Stories’ Miguel is 12 and Where the Sun Beats’ Nuno 19 – is caught haplessly between a much older guardian, a secretive young woman, and a seductive young man with whom she’s somehow entangled. This last figure inspires the boy with a mixture of envy, admiration and – more markedly in the second film – desire.”

“5 things that need to happen before Hollywood will ever truly change” – As we shake our fists in favor of greater ethnic and gender equality, Monika Bartyzel outlines the barriers that need to be busted down (from within).

“The Weird Prescience of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – Adam Hofbauer at The Atlantic looks to the original movie for a bizarre view of NYC.

“But the nonsensical nature of the film takes on strange resonance today. The movie’s crime wave is thwarted by some giant turtles and a psychopathic hockey fanatic – a solution that comes from nowhere, the result of a mutation grown in New York’s own sewer system. As the 1990s began, something similarly unpredictable was about to happen.”

“Menachem Golan, Who Headed Cannon Films, Dies at 85” – Richard Natale at Variety offers a fond remembrance.

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