Required Reading: Robin Williams and the Red Knight

By  · Published on August 13th, 2014

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“Norm MacDonald Shared a Wonderful Robin Williams Story on Twitter” – Among the mountain of amazing remembrances, this is one of the very best.

“Why the Funniest People are Sometimes the Saddest” – Comedian Jim Norton sits down at the Comedy Table with one of the few big acts other comedians wouldn’t feign disinterest in.

“Knight Takes King” – Alex Pappademas at Grantland rues the limitations of classic rock in memorializing a beloved entertainer while recognizing some of Williams’ great performances.

“Star Trek Writer’s Defense of Diversity in Sci-Fi is Damn Near Perfect” – Katharine Trendacosta at io9 points to a reader refusing to buy anything else written by David Mack after seeing a lesbian relationship in one his Trek books, followed by Mack’s calmly blistering response.

“Scarecrow Video, one of the largest video stores in the world, to become a non-profit” – Matt Singer at The Dissolve shares and contextualizes the news.

“Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and the Highball Re-Open” – Also, there’s this.

“Unmasking Isabelle Huppert” – Colleen Kelsey at Interview Magazine speaks with an actress whose worked with a ridiculous amount of legendary directors while making over 100 movies.

“It’s a compromise. I don’t think I ever surrender, but it’s always possible to be a part of that vision and also to be the mask, in a way, because when you do a role, obviously you wear a mask, but behind the mask it’s yourself. The mask is there not by necessity, but because you are in the story, you say things, you say dialogues, you are in fictionalized situations. The story operates always like a shelter in which you can totally be yourself. But to what degree, nobody can tell – only you.

“The devil’s bargains and unsparing satire of Phantom of the Paradise” – The gang at The Dissolve discusses the super weird and super wonderful from Brian de Palma.

“The Showrunner Must Go On As Their Roles Continue to Evolve” – Brian Lowry at Variety notes the complexities and changes happening to an increasingly freeing power in TV storytelling.

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