Required Reading: Reliving ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and Jerry Lewis’ Laugh

By  · Published on June 9th, 2014

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“The day after the Edge of Tomorrow” – The Dissolve crew discuss the Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt-starring sci-fi Groundhog Day with high praise for originality, wit and charisma.

“There are lots of things to talk about here, including the fact that Edge Of Tomorrow may be the best videogame movie ever made, despite not being based on a videogame. But first, I want to put in a word for Tom Cruise. What struck me about him here, in his most appealing performance in years, is how much of a difference his movie-star presence makes in a movie of this scale. There are a lot of appealing young actors in Hollywood right now, but I’m not convinced any can hold the center of a film like Cruise does here. It’s a big challenge for a performer to have any presence at all in a $200 million CGI production – here’s looking at you, Aaron Taylor-Johnson – and Cruise’s work in Edge Of Tomorrow makes me realize how important humans can be in our age of post-human blockbusters.”

“Edge of Tomorrow Reviewed in Comic Strip Form” – John Gholson at delivers another entertaining Stripped review.

“Action Man Tom Cruise” – Chuck Bowen at Fandor explores a peerless modern career of running toward and away from things.

“Trying Not To Cry During The Fault in Our Stars: A Live Blog” – Mike Ryan at Screen Crush only needs most of your tissues.

“At Home With Jerry Lewis as He Opens Up About Son’s Death, Skirmishes With Fans” – It’s sort of ridiculous to spend time with Jerry Lewis and not write get any quotes about his career, but it’s good to know Lewis loves Jennifer Lawrence as much as the rest of us.

“What Does The Terminator Have In Common with Star Wars?” – James Cameron shares a story about genre crossroads.

“Henry and Indiana Jones: Like Crusading Father, Like Crusading Son” – Mandy Curtis at Badass Digest compares the guy who took down a plane with his umbrella to the snake-hating little kid he sired.

“Hanging Out with Orange is the New Black’s Yael Stone” – Denise Martin at Vulture provides an entertaining read on a captivating actress. Have fun slapping your forehead when you learn Stone’s Australian.

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