Required Reading: Personal and Political Science Fiction Movies

By  · Published on April 25th, 2014

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“How Alien Movies Like Under the Skin and E.T. Are Really About You and Me” – Jacob S. Hall at explores views on humanity through the eyes of an outsider written by an insider, finding plenty of parallels to our own attempts to connect to others. Plus, the headline makes me glad that E.T. wasn’t trolling for Scottish men in a dirty sex van. It would have been a far different movie.

“Days of Future Present” – David Fear at The Dissolve goes on the macro route with sci-fi to profile several classic movies and the fears of the time they were made. From the sexual revolution, to Civil Rights, to having advertisements constantly talking directly to us, science fiction has always had a way of tapping into the unease outside our comfort zone.

“The Doc Option: 7 Parkour Films to Watch Instead of Brick Mansions” – For those not interested in the running, leaping remake (or for those who want to supplement it with real-life stories), Dan Schindel at Nonfics has some suggestions.

“12 Beloved Movies That Were Originally About Something Very Different” – Madeleine Monson-Rosen and Charlie Jane Anders at io9 share some secret origins that we were (mostly) lucky to sidestep. Did you know that The Truman Show was originally about Harry Truman’s vaudeville career? It wasn’t, but the stuff on io9’s list is accurate and just as funny.

“Solo Act: The Making of Tom Hardy’s Man-Alone Drama, Locke” – Matt Patches at Grantland speaks with Hardy about faking it to make it and all the fucking wankers out there.

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