Required Reading: Oscar Obsession and Robin Williams in ‘World of Warcraft’

By  · Published on September 5th, 2014


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“Release Windows’ Death Spiral” – Erik Gruenwedel at Home Media Magazine gets wonky on a potentially large revolution coming to Hollywood. The short version: by 2024, most movies will be released in theaters and VOD/streaming at virtually the same time.

“The Movie Press’ Oscar Obsession Is Ruining Fall Film Festivals For Everyone” – Jason Bailey at Flavorwire describes how events meant to celebrate cinema have morphed into breeding grounds for golden speculation. I’ll pardon the graphic imagery.

“If you’ll pardon the graphic imagery, the Oscar Industry has become a giant circle-jerk, and perhaps the film press assembling at fall festivals could put their junk away and just watch some movies. Viewing every single high-profile, high-prestige fall film through the diminutive prism of what awards it could win at the industry’s spring dog-and-pony show cheapens the art, and it cheapens the writer. And more than that, it cheapens the festivals, which would (in a perfect world) be the one safe haven where enthusiastic moviegoers – professional and civilian alike – could just see a new film with something resembling fresh eyes, and a view unencumbered by months of predictions, strategizing, and general bullshit.”

“Forrest Gump, the Movie Loved By Everyone’s Grandma” – Amy Nicholson at The Village Voice briefly views the safety net surrounding a character who lived through truly grotesque moments.

“Sugar, Spice and Guts” – Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott at The New York Times look at a wide array of roles for young women while arguing that female representation on-screen has improved.

“Joan Rivers Challenged Hollywood’s Stance on Women Directors With Rabbit Test” – Drew McWeeny at HitFix looks at the late, great comedian’s only directorial project (Billy Crystal’s film debut as a pregnant man), which failed to impress but proved once again that you only get one shot to be amazing if you’re a woman.

“First Robin Williams In-Game World of Warcraft Memorial Spotted” – Phenomenal cosmic power, fantastically sweet tribute.

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