Required Reading: Movies Directors Regret and ‘Sleepaway Camp’ Cult

By  · Published on May 27th, 2014

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“Sleepaway Camp” – Scott Tobias at The Dissolve celebrates the cult majesty of the horror film footnote perhaps most famous for its shock value.

“One of the many great comic sidebars to Sleepaway Camp is Arawak’s cigar-chomping, skirt-chasing, pastel-ensconced leader (Mike Kellin), who frets, after three corpses and counting, that no one will want to send their kids to Camp Arawak anymore. There’s really no end to the strange revelations and bits of business, some of which are foregrounded, and other of which demand repeat viewings.”

“Why Mad Men Ended Its Season With a Lie” – Katey Rich at Vanity Fair digs into the all-singing, all-dancing, all-suited sales pitch that the best things in life are free.

“Do Filmmakers Ever Change Their Mind About Their Own Documentary?” – Chris Campbell at Nonfics pings off of Michael Moore’s recent comments in order to explore the idea of disowning your art.

“The brutal fatalism of Menace II Society” – Also at The Dissolve, Nathan Rabin kicks off their movie of the week by looking at characters who live with death every day.

“Early in the film, Caine’s grandfather asks the central question of the film: does Caine want to live or does he want to die, and he answers, truthfully, that he does not know. Life doesn’t seem to matter much to the characters here: Caine does not realize the value of his own life until the moment that cheap, tawdry, violent and directionless existence is taken from him.”

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