Required Reading: LGBT Parents on Film and Great Christian Movies

By  · Published on March 26th, 2014


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“Why don’t we see LGBT parents portrayed in children’s films?” – Joanna Benecke at The Guardian asks a question that would make Kevin Swanson spit out his morning waffles. She offers some of the few current examples, and uses the headline rhetorically (since the answer is fairly obvious) to a clear-headed effect. After all, if Disney is going to draw heat without even trying, why not try?

“Top 10 Christian-themed Movies” – Scott Nye at Movie Mezzanine offers a list of great movies along with insight into their explorations of Jesus and his teachings. It’s a powerful grouping, and I’ll volunteer to add Gravity as #11 (probably to Nye’s chagrin) as something that uses spectacle to achieve impact instead of trenchant character exploration.

“It isn’t just The Breakfast Club: everything good happened in 1984” – Katie Rogers, also at The Guardian, makes the case via Indiana Jones and Eddie Murphy for the strength of the cinematic year. As someone born in 1984, I agree with her headline. Clearly it’s time in the nostalgia spotlight has come. Maybe it has something to do with people turning 30?

“First TMNT Footage Reveals How They Were Created” – Devin Faraci at Badass Digest reports on some alterations that might outrage fans. Be prepared to slap your forehead or deeply not care.

“Old News: What were movie fans talking about on March 25, 2009?” – In another entry of the feature on The Dissolve, Matt Singer unearths a Three Stooges movie that was never meant to be.

“Numbers of Frequent Young Moviegoers Plummets in 2003?” – Andrew Stewart at Variety reports on an important, difficult number: 21%.

“The Hour is Getting Late: The Outsider Status of Inside Llewyn Davis” – John Carvill at Press Play argues that getting shut out of awards feels all too appropriate for the hero of the Coen Brothers’ latest flick before diving deep into someone who might be shallow.

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