Required Reading: Lars von Trier’s Non-Pornography and Terry Gilliam’s Tech

By  · Published on March 20th, 2014

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“Nymphomaniac Isn’t Pornography, Unless You’re Into Some Pretty Weird Stuff” – Sam Adams at Indiewire pushes back against countries banning Lars von Trier’s latest, and joins the fray of critics weighing in on its pornographic nature. He knows cerebral filmmaking when he sees it (but people are still into some pretty weird stuff). The big question is whether Rule 32 applies to this article about a movie not being pornography. How far down the rabbit hole can we go?

“The case of the vanishing trailer credits” – Noel Murray at The Dissolve lightly laments the loss of director’s and screenwriter’s names on trailers. It probably doesn’t help that they’ve been replaced by hashtags and URLs.

“Gilliam: Technology disconnects us” – In shocking news revealed by the Belfast Telegraph, the director of Brazil and Zero Theorem has some negative feelings about our relationship with the future. Reservations, let’s say.

“In Defense of Pop Criticism” – Jody Rosen at Vulture rocks out a fantastic apologia for pop criticism while recognizing its faults. The celebritizing, the lack of technical knowledge, and the tangential taking over. Substitute “music” for “film” and you get another healthy argument that hits movie critics as squarely in the jaw while sticking up for them. Broad sweeping claims rarely hold up to a nanosecond’s scrutiny, but there’s also a natural tension between treating the ephemeral with a critical eye. A nice reminder of that will crop up with the next Transformers movie. Still, if you’re going to write about movies – any kind of movies – you should at least be interested in the art of cinema for art’s sake and not merely with red carpet distractions.

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